Max is so much potty trained now and love running around together in the yard with our last daughter . We had to watch him at first though. For some reason every time He would pee he had to mark that same spot but he wasn't even waiting for her to move out of the way. I was having to bathe him after every time I took him outside. Fortunately he quit that after we hollered at him a few times. He is a little terror too! I was sleeping the other night and he was on the bed with me and he somehow got the cord that hangs from our ceiling fan in hie mouth and he was turning the bedroom light on while I was trying to sleep. Thanks again though, they are both incredible dogs.
Isabella Edwards
I just wanted to thank you and your Wife for everything. We absolutely adore well with our family. She has had very few accidents and is socializing well with the kids and my other 3 dogs. I'm just amazed how eager she is to learn commands, not to mention, she is probably the most affectionate dog I have ever raised. We decided to name her “ Thats Tabu Vom Alfalar” so unless you have any objection, I’m plan to submit the paperwork tomorrow. If so let me know otherwise. I’ll call you if we have any major questions or issues and I’ll defiantly reach out in the months to come when its time for some training.
Lilly Vincent
The owners of Smart American Bullies Home are very trustworthy people and honest. I know they care so much about the animals and would go above and beyond to please their customers !
Smart American Bullies Home is an awesome place to be! I'm personally welcomed by the staff and they always help me find what I need. They also let me come in with a few friends and play with all of the animals. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new member of your family or if you are just looking for a friendly place to kill time. I would love to work here!
Josh Singh
Love, Love, Love this Breeder! We got our precious little American Bully here in March 2019. He is PERFECT in every way. He has always been very healthy. He loves to come in and shop frequently and see all the new puppies. Everyone is always polite and helpful! When the time is right for us to add to our family, we will without a doubt choose Smart American Bullies Home!
Jasmine Jackson
We got our American Bully here after looking at several other places. We went to another store in town and I found the store dark, dirty, and the dogs we looked at were incredibly dirty and covered in feces. Smart American Bullies Home are top notch. The entire staff at Smart American Bullies Home have all went above and beyond to make sure any and all of our questions have been answered, and that we were taken care of even after the sale. To hear the Puppies come from a Puppy mill is really hard for me to believe. People don't tend to put Guarantees on ANYTHING that they don't stand behind 100%.
Leah and Anderson
Working with Smart American Bullies Home on purchasing my first pup was a great experience. They are very knowledgeable, helpful and answers all your questions. I like how he sends you updates of your pup just before he ships them out to you. I will definitely be going back to Smart American Bullies Home to purchase my 2nd puppy from him in the near future. Keep up the great work and Smart American Bullies Home for life!
Kian Ross
Our family recently decided to get a puppy and we're so glad we chose Smart American Bullies Home. Not only do they have the BEST,,but they are very good breeders. They kept us updated, gave us supplies when we picked her up.. They truly go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Thanks Smart American Bullies Home for helping us turn our house into a home 🏡🐂.
Riley Morley
Buying a bully from Smart American Bullies Home was an amazing experience the owner is a great person got to meet him when picking up my new dog kilo, he also gave me great tips for taking care of the dog, as well the price are right for what you are getting, he keeps you updated week by week on how the doing is growing and doing.
George Barnes

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