Breed information

A very recently developed breed, the American Bully came into existence in the 1980s within the United States of America and is a descendant of the American Pit Bull Terrier. The other breeds that contributed to its genetics include the American Bulldog, English Bulldog and the American Staffordshire Terrier. This dog was bred to have a bulky and impressive appearance with strong bone. There was not one particular breeding program that was put in place to develop this breed, rather, many owners within America were mixing the aforementioned dog breeds, leading to the eventual creation of the American Bully.

Character & Temperament
Bred to be more of a companion animal than a working dog like its ancestors, the American Bully makes a sweet pet for the whole family. They are gentle and sociable and enjoy spending time playing with children and lounging in the home. They love to show affection and bond closely with their masters. They should never show any signs of aggression or hostility and these are not traits associated with the breed.

Though the American Bully was not bred for a specific task, they are still confident in their ability and athletic and can do well in a number of canine activities and sports. Their natural prey drive varies from individual to individual but does not tend to be overly strong so this dog is not likely to make a good hunter.

This breed does not make a suitable guard dog, as they tend to be friendly towards intruders. Not every dog will wag their tail and ask for cuddles from a new person and some will act reserved and take a little more time to warm up. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for their feelings towards others dogs as, despite substantial efforts from breeders, there is a still a tendency within the breed for canine aggression. This trend can be reduced with extensive socialization, though is always something that owners need to be conscious of.

Exercise and Activity Levels
One of the main aims when developing the American Bully was to create a breed that was easier to manage and less work than the American Pitbull and one that would require less physical exercise. The American Bully still requires a moderate amount of exercise but is definitely more laid-back and less driven than the breeds from which it derives. They enjoy long walks and runs, as well as hikes and swims.

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